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More often than not, businesses never truly realize the benefits of a well run IT department. This deficit is primarily because it is impossible to find the required skills in one or even two individuals. Excalibur Services can provide all of these skills and much more in a contract that often costs less than you are currently spending. By outsourcing portions of your IT functions, you can enhance your IT staff's strengths with a team whose expertise in all areas of technology and business strategy will make a difference from day one.
Excalibur Services helps you balance your IT resources with the challenging workload demand imposed by an ever-changing market. Our team of IT experts extends your own IT staff to keep your technology consistently moving forward. By allowing you to access our services only when you need them, we give you the agility you need to succeed in today?s constantly changing market.
At Excalibur Services, we know that we have the expertise and cutting edge tools to assist or manage your IT department professionally and at a lower cost so that you can focus on your business. With our Contract Services, you get superior support, improved reliability and more productivity from your employees. Our average client saves 25-60% annually on all IT related expenses by utilizing our annual IT contracts.
1 GB Space
25 GB Transfer
Plesk Control Panel

5 GB Space
50 GB Transfer
Plesk Control Panel

10 GB Space
100 GB Transfer
Dedicated IP
Plesk Control Panel
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